History / Mission

For over over a decade The Mark Gallery has played an important role in introducing outstanding artists to Northwest audiences and helping to inspire the vital dialogue about the art work itself.  

The Mark Gallery began exhibiting local and regional artists in 2001. The Mark Gallery has always been a non-commission space.

We believe having original art in one’s home or work space is enriching and inspiring.

By being non-commission, we are able to not only support the artists themselves by letting them keep all the revenue from the sale of their work, but bring fine arts to a smaller community like Olympia, that at this time really only sustains more crafts-oriented gallery spaces.

Being non-commission also gives us the freedom to exhibit work that is not always saleable, but is the artist’s unique concept they wish to share and create dialogue with the public.



How can I get notified about upcoming exhibits or events?
: Subscribe to our blog

What kind of still work do you exhibit?
: Original Fine arts only: photography, painting, drawings, papercuts and collage.

How often do exhibit’s change?  
: Every 2 months.

How can I purchase artwork?
You will be connected directly with the artist or his representation if your a serious buyer. We are happy provide advice and consultation to our private and corporate collectors.



What does noncommission mean?
: We facilitate the exhibition and introductions, but art is purchased directly from artists themselves or their representatives. we take no commission from sale nor are we involved in the transactions.

Why are you noncommission? 
: Because we feel the stimulation and conversation created by having the changing original art work displayed is a benefit in itself. Not to mention the pleasure in knowing other artist’s work is being forwarded by ours.




How far in advance do you book exhibits?
: Anywhere from 6 months to a year.

How do you submit work?
: Fill out Submissions form and  send us a link to your web page or blog we will be happy to consider showing your work.

Please remember *everything must hang from a rail as the walls are mahogany. *pieces must be of same size and framed or at least presented in clean professional manner. *if you mail anything not confirmed for an actual show do not expect it returned. *sorry but we will only respond if we are interested due to the volume of submissions.

What kind of still work do you exhibit?
: Original Fine arts only: photography, painting, drawings, papercuts and collage.

What kind of film and video work do you exhibit?
: Original Fine arts only: experimental, documentary, art house, looping video and iconic classic work – at opening events only.

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